Saturday, 30 June 2007


The foul odours hidden in The Smoke. Not only will the new non-smokers have a more keen sense of smell they will be able to breathe in the sweat-encrused pong coming from the bodies of the badly-perfumed drinkers. Mix that in with foul, day-old scents from bottles that ought never to have reached the market place and the lingering fumes from half-eaten meals. YUCK. You're gonna grieve for the all-embracing smell-disguise of cigarette smoke.


Eric Johnson said...

Don't go down the pub. Sit at home and watch the world go sadly by.

Merisi said...

I comfort myself with the thought that the foul smell of bodies and the like is not dangerous to anybody's health, at least not in a pub. I hope. Then, dousing oneself with good parfume may keep some of the odor at bay. Never mind if anybody else likes it. :-)