Tuesday, 3 July 2007


The anti-smoking brigade have won. I must admit the three pubs I visited, for one pint in each over two days - unit counting again - were cleaner and much more pleasant. The smokers were content to sit with their fag packets in front of them and walk outside into the cold air under a non-protective gazebo. One landlady told me with surprise in her voice that it had taken her only half an hour to clean that morning, against the usual two hours. Also, she had lost £200 in trade for a normal Sunday. So, it's here to stay. Best get used to it. But where's the food crowd? Is it the weather? They stayed away in droves on the first two days they could eat in clean air. Why?

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Eleanor Mickleburgh said...

That's sad but I'm sure it'll sort itself out in the end. It's so nice to be able to go out, spend a couple of hours down the pub, and return home without having to put all my clothes in the wash; not to mention having to fend off the accusing comments from my husband, who always thinks I've had a craft fag. P.S. Many years ago I used to be a smoker.